Voice SMS Service Provider

Voice calls have a very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, eCommerce, politics, etc.

Voice SMS is similar like text messages. Voice SMS is an effective marketing tool. However, it attracts more guests if the message is conveyed in local languages. Our voice SMS answers are designed to make communication personalize and effective.
BULK Voice SMS is an automated way to send messages in any language. In India, the maximum population is unable to read any of the English SMS, sovoice SMS is a great option.Aidni Infotech, the best SMS service provider in Kolkata, offers many options for virtual numbers. Voice SMS services are used for reminders, OTP, alerts and lead generation.

Voice SMS used for sending:

  • Alerts and reminders
  • Business promotion
  • The latest offers and deals
  • Social campaigns
  • Customer surveys
  • OTP verification
  • Lead generation
Transactional SMS

Feature of Voice SMS

Personal Touch- Voice SMS is more personal and emotional communication way compared to text messaging.
Wider-Reach- Voice SMS can engage those people who are unable to read and write.
Saves your Cost- Voice SMS is a cost-effective and highly affordable service for marketing.
IncreaseProductivity- Voice SMS will improve your business productivity.
Dynamic/Customize SMS option- The dynamic and customized options are more convenient.
Support multi languages- For the multi language feature; Voice SMS is more effective compared to text messaging. It is easy to understand for everyone.

How can our Promotional Bulk SMS services help?

  • We allow you to upload an audio file in the supported file formats
  • All voice SMS services in a single place.
  • Works with highly-knowledgeable team.
  • Simple interface to do voice promotion.

Why choose us?

Aidni Infotech is the best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. The reasons why you should choose us:

  • Speed: We always ensure that your bulk SMS reaches your users in real time. We have the fastest bulk SMS gateway that ensures instant delivery.
  • Best Prices: For Bulk SMS Services of such high quality, we are the Cheapest Bulk SMS Provider in Kolkata.
  • Customer Support: We are always hereto fix any of your issues with our services.Reach out to us at any hour of the day and any day of the week. We provide quick and efficient support services.
  • Aidni Infotech is known as the best bulk SMS service provider in Kolkata. Contact us to explore our services.

Voice SMS


Per Pcs.

Total Rate

Bulk SMS Quantity
10,000 Bulk SMS 35 Paise 3500
25,000 Bulk SMS 30 Paise 7500
50,000 Bulk SMS 26 Paise 13,000
1,00,000 Bulk SMS 22 Paise 22,000