Best SMPT Email Service Provider

We create customized marketing campaigns for our clients to attract new customers.

Email marketing is still important, although social media platforms are widely available and social media visitors have grown exponentially overtime. But people still find special deals from their favorite brands through emails.Emails are a cost effective way to promote your brand. Customized Email shell customers click-through and maximize the chances of a sell, providing you with an increased ROI. Email marketing helps you to increase your brand awareness.With the best email campaigns, you can-

  • Reach customers in real time
  • Optimize your time and budget
  • Track your campaign results
  • Increase website traffic
  • Develop brand recognition

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a widely supported standard for sending and receiving email. SMTP servers require authentication in the form of a username, password, IP address, ports and security protocol (typically SSL or TLS). Aidni Infotech provides you with all the important details inside your account after you’ve added a domain name.
Our team designs unique style of emails with personalized templates, content, news, upcoming events, offers more to help you sell your product or service. We convert innovative ideas into reality by-

  • Building customer loyalty
  • Expanding your business reach
  • Using engaging template
  • Tracking your analytics
  • Click-through rate report
  • Connecting with different audiences
  • Testing email campaigns and driving strong results

As the best email service providers in Kolkata, we ensure all our email campaign services fulfill our client’s needs and budget. According to your email marketing goals, we provide customized and different targeted email marketing services.

Why choose us?

Aidni Infotech is the top email marketing service provider in India. Our experts use personalized, segmented and targeted email marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and drive followers. Our team uses tools, strategy and result tracking to execute the best possible brand engagement. Increase your online presence by choosing our email marketing services.

  • Real-time email tracking and advanced analytics
  • Detailed logs to diagnose issues in sending
  • Email address verification services to improve your mailing list
  • Easy connection with MBPs like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook over TLS or SSL.

SMTP E-mail


Per Pcs.

Total Rate

Email Quantity- 30 Days Cost
10,000 Bulk SMS 10 Paise 1000
25,000 Bulk SMS 9 Paise 2250
50,000 Bulk SMS 8 Paise 4000
1,00,000 Bulk SMS 7 Paise 7000