CMS (Content Management System)/Full Dynamic Site.

CMS stands for content management system.
CMS is computer software or an application that uses a database to manage all content, and it can be used when developing a website.
A CMS can therefore be used to update content and/or your website structure.
Most CMS solutions are open-source, which means they are free and accessible to everyone. However, some may contain additional paid options, such as templates and plug-ins.

Incorporate Two Level Security with Dynamic Site Engine

Incorporate Powerful Dynamic Site Builder engine for dynamic site design and development. Every type of site related dynamic work will be developing atomically using Dynamic Site builder Engine.

1: Customize Header and Footer on your website

You can add image header in your website. Any time you can change or update your header.The Footer feature enables you to provide highly specific content such as service information, randing, contact or copyright information, etc.

2: Menu and Sub-menu Creation

You can add menu or sub-menu at any time. Can choice Header Menu, Left Menu or Right Menu, You can update Menu Style and Menu Position of your choice.

3: Incorporate any custom image or Logo on your website

All design templates have default images embedded within them. You may choose to replace these images with any image of your choice. This could even be your Logo image. This allows you to extend your branding/identity on to the newly designed website.

4: Modify, rearrange your web pages at any time

You can add, rearrange, rename, or even delete pages and their corresponding links on your website. This gives you complete control over the site links and the order of page appearance

5: Integrated Site Updating Options

Powerful site updating options allow users to quickly edit, replace or update the website design and/or text content any number of times, at their convenience.

6: Create content with images using an MS-Word like tool

HTML Editor helps you create rich HTML content with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in HTML. The feature rich editor includes a robust Spell Checker and supports style sheets (CSS), XHTML, etc.

7: Spell Checker

A comprehensive spell checker enables website owners to spell check their website content during web page creation, much before they decide to publish it to their live website.

8: Driving Directions

Allows users to add a map on their web page showing the driving directions to reach a location specified by them (office, home, etc.).

9: Maps

Enables users to add a map of a geographical location specified by them such as office, home, etc. to their web page.

10: News Updates

Allows users to add the latest international news snippets covering diverse topics on their web page.

11: Dynamic Colors

The website builder allows you to customize the fonts and colors of your design. This gives you freedom to create a very unique design and to reflect your logo or other design elements into your website. You can change the color of your site at any time, without losing your text and images.

12: Hyperlink Page

Allows website owners to add a hyperlink to their web page,

13: Hit Counter

Allows users to choose from a range of Hit Counters that can be added to the site.

14: Site Map

A sitemap is a page that lists all the pages of your website. It helps your visitors navigate through your pages, and also helps search engines crawl and understand your website better.

15:Stand-alone Pages (Hidden Pages)

Users can now add Stand-alone pages (also called Hidden pages or Invisible pages) to their website. Stand-alone pages are not listed as part of the regular site navigation links (main navigation link) and can be accessed only through a direct link provided by the user. Stand-alone pages can be used for specific marketing campaigns as landing pages or as special pages not directly related to the main website.

16: Create customized forms

Form Wizard helps you create customized forms for your website. With Form Wizard, you can now create any form containing any input field, for feedback, registration, sign up, etc. You can also include form elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, etc.

17: Unicode Support/multi language support

You can develop your site, menu text in your regional language. User can view your site English or there regional language by press a single click.

18: Forum

you can add inbuilt forum in this site engine.

19: Chat

One to one , one to many, many to many chat incorporate with this site.

20: Advance Attachment

You can upload doc,.pdf ,. jpg file using advance attachment like e-mail attachment for tender and notice purpose

21: Moving text

Important events may be highlighted by moving text.