When you purchase an online item, you receive an email receipt with information on the item’s price, shipping charges and other details, is a transactional email. Transactional emails are one-to-one email records about a specific action that contains critical, relevant information, such as an e-commerce receipt from an online purchase. Transactional emails are personalized and sent to individuals one at a time. Examples of transactional emails are:

  • Welcome emails
  • 0 Password resets emails
  • Receipts and invoice emails
  • Trial experience emails
  • User invitation emails
  • Notification emails
  • More
Content Service Features of Transactional Email
  • Online web portal/panel available
  • Instant Delivery
  • Up to 99.9% Delivery ratio
  • Support multi languages
  • Open template available
  • 24x7 Email sending
Content Service
  • Customer support
  • DLR will show the open rate with date and time
  • Schedule email campaign feature
  • HTML version supportive
  • HTTP API for integration
Content Service How can our Traditional Email services help?
  • Easy integration via API or SMTP
  • Full content history to help you troubleshoot
  • Delivery tracking for every email
  • Responsive templates for sending transactional emails, including welcome messages, password resets and more
  • Great customer support

Why choose us?

Aidni Infotech is the best email service provider in Kolkata. Ouremail marketing team is all-in-one. We fulfill everything you need by using the following useful features:

  • Email Templates.
  • Upload or Import Content.
  • Popup and Inbox Previews.
  • Free, Built-In Spam Checking
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Email Open Reporting
  • Link Click Tracking

Choose the right plan for your business.

Transactional E-mail


Per Pcs.

Total Rate

Email Quantity- 30 Days Cost
10,000 Bulk SMS 10 Paise 1000
25,000 Bulk SMS 9 Paise 2250
50,000 Bulk SMS 8 Paise 4000
1,00,000 Bulk SMS 7 Paise 7000